Clovertree Apothecary was founded in 2009 by Amy Bohn - massage therapist, herbalist, breast cancer survivor, and co-founder of one of the top organic spa companies in the world. Amy and her team of herbalists and chemists have spent more than a decade developing authentic, pure, plant-powered products, specifically formulated to remedy the various skin and body concerns that are common to today's spa-goers and consumers. These products have now been tested and perfected by hundreds of estheticians and massage therapists on hundreds of thousands of satisfied spa customers, and are proven to provide real results and a beautiful, luxurious experience.

Clovertree products are Plant Powered® - packed full of pure plant ingredients and formulated to remedy specific skin and body concerns common to spa customers. It is a true “clean beauty” line, containing no artificial colors or fragrances, and no harmful chemicals or preservatives. All products are gluten-free and “beegan” (vegan + bee products) and never tested on animals.

Clovertree Apothecary. Plant Powered® Beauty.

Our Plant Powered® Standards

Packed with Plants

Our products are truly Plant Powered®. We pack them FULL of pure plant ingredients. Not in small amounts just to have them on the label. We truly believe in the healing power of plants, and we want to have as many plants in our products as possible.

Purity of Ingredients

Clovertree has been developed from day one to be a true "clean beauty" line. No artificial colors, no artificial fragrances, no harmful chemicals or preservatives, no cheap fillers. We never use parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, petroleum, mineral oil, or talc, and we use certified organic ingredients as often as possible.

Truth in Labeling

We promise that we will always be fully transparent about our ingredients. We list every single ingredient in every product on our labels and on our website (use our search box to look for any ingredient). If you have any questions, please ask. We love talking about ingredients!

Farm to Spa® Tested

Clovertree products have been developed over more than a decade within some of the world's leading and trusted organic spas - tested and used by hundreds of estheticians and massage therapists, and perfected to provide real results for hundreds of thousands of satisfied spa customers.

Remedy Focused

All of our products were developed to resolve specific concerns common to spa customers. So whether it's blemishes, wrinkles, sore muscles, or just plain stress, we've got products to help. Browse the "What's Your Issue?" section to shop by remedy, or visit our Farm to Spa® partners to shop our Remedy Bar.

Sensitivity and Responsibility

In today's world, sensitivities, allergies, and even ethics and moral standards are very important when choosing what products we use. All of Clovertree's products are gluten-free, most are vegan (all are "beegan"), and our products are never tested on animals. We use green business practices whenever possible, and we always try to partner with like-minded companies.

Executive Team

Amy Bohn
Chief Product Officer

Herbalist, beauty product developer, licensed massage therapist, massage therapy instructor, and continuing education provider. Frenchie mama. 

Greg Bohn
Chief Executive Officer

Digital marketing and branding expert, angel investor and advisor. Former marketing executive at Expedia, Hotwire, Citysearch and Excite@Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry any products that are gluten-free?

All Clovertree products are 100% gluten-free.

Do you carry any products that are vegan?

All Clovertree products are vegan, with the exception of products using ingredients produced from bees (beeswax, honey, and royal jelly). So if you're a "beegan", they're all good. :)
Products containing bee ingredients include: Deep Cleansing Scrub, Gentle Cleansing Scrub, Blueberry Micro-Refining Skin Polish, Cocoberry Moisture Masque, Ultimate Skin Cream, Muscle Relief Balm, Skin Rescue Balm, Cold & Sinus Balm, Green Apple Moisture Serum.

What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life of our products (and any organic beauty products) will vary based on storage and usage. All Clovertree products should last one to two years, if stored in a cool, dark place and not exposed water or bacteria.

Where did the name Clovertree come from?

Small plants can do big things. There is a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson called "The Little Land" in which the hero is surrounded by a huge world of nature all around them. They become a climber in a clover tree and a sailor on a rain-pool sea. "Clovertree" embodies our motto: that small plants can do big things, and it highlights the pure plant and tree ingredients that fill our products.

What preservatives do you use in your products, and why?

Our oil-based products do not contain any preservatives. Our water-based products contain phenoxyethanol. Any products that contain water or water-related ingredients (aloe leaf juice, fruit juices, etc.) must contain a preservative to prevent mold, bacteria and fungus from growing inside the product, which are some of the biggest "dirties" that we fight every day in our beauty products.
We have tested many preservatives in our laboratory incubators and extensively researched almost every preservative available on the market today. We believe that phenoxyethanol is the most effective preservative to prevent mold, bacteria and fungus, and it does not have any known dangerous or toxic side effects (cancer, hormonal or reproductive issues, etc.) that parabens and other harsh preservatives have shown. Phenoxyethanol is naturally found in green tea, and is it approved by the Whole Foods Premium Body Care standards and the Handbook of Green Chemicals, both incredibly strict teams of scientists and researchers tasked with keeping consumers safe.
A recent study showed some skin and lung irritations when used in 100% concentrations, but it is FDA-approved and considered save when used in 1% or lower concentration. We use less than 1% in all products, and we've never seen any irritation or reactions from customers.

Do you carry CBD products?

Yes! Clovertree offers several products containing THC-free CBD, available for purchase on our website. You may also purchase our CBD products at many of our partner spas or retailers. (Rules and laws may vary by region.)
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Clovertree products are proudly handcrafted in small batches in the USA and distributed from our headquarters in Addison, Texas.
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